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We believe that there is no single answer to "unity in diversity," and that is why we utilize various approaches to achieve our mission to make the world embrace diversity as our strength, in order to create a more peaceful future.

Currently, Tomoni works on three projects listed below:




"Global Mindset, Local Actions"

  Glocal Leaders Forum for Youth is a platform for youth leaders who are (or will be) taking action to resolve some issues in their society, to meet other youth leaders, hear from today’s leaders, and actively discuss what they can do to make their future better. 

  GLF4Y is aiming to help today's youth leaders perform even better in their communities after becoming a part of this forum, and that is why it not only provides opportunities to hear from our speakers but also to participate in workshops led by experts.

The first GLF4Y was held in Tokyo on August 9th, 2019, under the theme of "Diversity & Inclusion in Japan and the World."

  Following the first GLF4Y, our founder Kohtaro was invited to the United Nations Headquarters by the President of the General Assembly to discuss "the Millenials and the UN" with the UN member states Ambassadors.

  In 2020, GLF4Y will be hosted globally under the same mission in order to bring youth's voices on globally concerning challenges (i.e. Climate Crisis) as well as significant local issues to today's top leaders who wish to incorporate young voices into their decision-making processes.

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The answer for all our national problems - the answer for all the problems of the world - come to a single word.  That word is "education."  
- Lyndon B. Johnson

  Providing future generation with educational opportunities to expose themselves to diverse people, nations, and cultures is essential when building a future that can embrace diversity as its community's strength.

  We are committed to doing so by sending our members to related events to give talks and workshops. Our founder Kohtaro alone has given talks to over 1,500 youth and educators worldwide.


  Moreover, we collaborate with educational organizations that share the same vision through designing and executing programs together in New York City and Tokyo.

  If you have any questions or requests for talks/ workshops/ collaborations, please fill out the CONTACT form.

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Wear Your Advocacy.
Be the Change.

  We believe that reaching a wide population is essential in achieving an inclusive global community that can embrace diversity. In order to reach as diverse populations as possible, fashion plays a significant role since what we wear is seen by a lot of people on the street.

  It is why Tomoni Group is establishing a fashion brand that represents our mission in the product design so that our customers can wear their belief and passion to positively change the world.

  We are currently in the process of finalizing the release of our initial series.