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2019 TOKYO Forum

"Diversity and Inclusion in Japan and the World"

08.09.2019 - Roppongi Academyhills

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Sponsored by the Adecco Group Japan

100+ Youth Participants, 5 Today's Leaders, & 1 Mission

  Glocal Leaders Forum for Youth is a platform for top-class youth leaders, current students who are (or will be) taking action to resolve some issues in their society, to meet other youth leaders, hear from today’s leaders, and actively discuss what they can do to make their future better. 

The first GLF4Y was held in Tokyo on August 9th, 2019, under the theme of "Diversity & Inclusion in Japan and the World." We welcomed over 100 participants and 5 prestigious global leaders of today to introduce the importance of "Diversity and Inclusion" from their perspectives and expertise.


[Women Empowerment]

Kathy Matsui
Vice Chair - Goldman Sachs Japan


[Business and Innovation]

Jesper Koll

Senior Advisor - WisdomTree Investments


[Working Environment]

Keiko Tsuchiya
CHRO - The Adecco Group Japan


[LGBTQ+ Empowerment]

Gon Matsunaka

Executive Director - Good Aging Yells


[Peace Building]

Ari Satok
Author / Educator / Storyteller


  What followed our speakers' presentations was the workshop for Youth Leaders to Design Action. Led by one of our speakers, Mr. Satok, the participants engaged in active discussions on how to bring inspiration and ideas into action.
At the end of the workshop, each participant had a concrete action plan to leave the venue with. Through this workshop, we not only established a clear sense of action but also a tightly united community of the youth leaders.

  From the survey conducted following the forum, we heard a lot of positive feedback highlighting the uniqueness of GLF4Y that brings listening and action-taking aspects. Surprisingly, there were a lot of participants whose home countries were not Japan that wished to bring this initiative to their countries. We took this opinion very seriously, and have decided to export this initiative to the countries where there are youth leaders that are willing to lead in their communities.

  In 2020, GLF4Y will be hosted globally under the same mission but with one more aim: bridging the gap between active youth leaders and today's top local/global leaders who wish to incorporate more young voices into their decision-making processes.


Sept. 2019 [UPDATE]
Tomoni's Founder invited to the UNHQ to speak about "MILLENNIALS AND THE UN"


  Following the 1st GLF4Y, our founder Kohtaro was invited to the United Nations Headquarters by the President of the General Assembly to discuss with the Member State Ambassadors on how the UN can inclusively build the future of this world by collaborating with young leaders who are active in their communities. There Kohtaro was reminded of the big gap between passionate leaders at the UN who would love to hear young voices and the youth who want them to hear their voices.